SNES Classic Games Wish List

The NES Classic Edition has come and gone. Though many of us have missed out on obtaining this prized miniature console with 30 NES games, a rumor from Eurogamer suggests that Nintendo could already be looking at an SNES Classic Edition by the end of the year. I would absolutely love to see 30 Super Nintendo games all in one tiny system. But what games to include? I created a wish list of the games I’d like to see make it to this hypothetical system. Though there are some unrealistic choices, I put some thought into what games would be more likely than others, so there aren’t any licensed games on here. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of great titles to choose from! Here’s my top 30!


I also put together a video version of this list for your enjoyment!

  1. Super Mario World

Let’s face it. This list wouldn’t be complete without Mario’s first 16-bit classic, Super Mario World. This game is a masterpiece in all forms of design, whether level, graphic, or sound. And the fun factor is off the charts – Yoshi, the Cape power-up, secret exits – I love this game, and its likelihood of appearing on an SNES Classic is pretty much given. How could it not be there?

  1. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

The “sequel,” Yoshi’s Island, the green dinosaur’s first solo outing, is also a great game in its own right. The chances of it appearing are a little lower, since the game’s use of the Super FX Chip seems to have prevented it from being on the Virtual Console in its proper form. Still, this game gives me fond memories, and I’d love to see Yoshi and Baby Mario’s misadventures finally get a rerelease.

Super Mario World-SNES Classic.jpg

  1. Super Mario All-Stars

I’m probably cheating with this one, but I’d love to see this 16-bit remastered collection of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2., Super Mario Bros. 3, and The Lost Levels make it to the SNES Classic. Regardless of whether or not it counts as four games, the compilation would make the mini system feel more complete.

  1. Super Mario Kart

I know this list is pretty Mario heavy, but I’m sure Nintendo can’t resist having their mascot plumber abundantly represented. Plus Super Mario Kart is the original mascot kart racer that made the series what it is today. While Mario Kart 8 and its Deluxe form take the series to gravity-defying heights, fans owe it to themselves to experience the series’ roots.

DonkeyKongCountry SNES Classic

  1. Donkey Kong Country

  2. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

  3. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble

Rare’s Donkey Kong Country series are some of the most graphically impressive games on the hardware. At least, they were at the time. Regardless, these are some of my favorite platformers ever. The level design is masterful, and David Wise’s music is legendary. If I could only choose one to include, I’d have to go with my personal favorite, DKC2. But please Nintendo, convince Rare to put all three on the system!

Link to the Past SNES Classic.jpg

  1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

You were probably waiting for this one. Of course I want The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past to be on the SNES Classic. This legendary title that set the precedent for every subsequent Zelda game, except Breath of the Wild, is so likely, that it’s just a question of when will it get announced as opposed to if.

  1. Super Metroid

On that same level is the just as impressive Super Metroid, which took the original adventure game’s premise and expanded upon it in every way. Just like with Zelda, I’m certain Samus Aran’s iconic mission will appear on the Classic. The question is: do we save or kill the animals?

Super_metroid_cover SNES Classic.jpg

  1. Super Punch-Out!!

Although Super Punch-Out!! is far less known, it’s highly likely to appear on the compilation thanks to its first-party status. No complaints here because Little Mac’s arcade boxing game sequel to one of my favorite games on the NES would be a knockout addition.

  1. Star Fox

Star Fox was a marvelous space shooter that utilized the Super FX Chip for impressive polygonal shapes pre-Nintendo 64. That chip is probably the reason we never got a rerelease on the Virtual Console, but if Nintendo can work it out for the SNES Classic, this is one of my top desired FX Chip games.

Star Fox SNES Classic.jpg

  1. Pilotwings

Pilotwings was a first-party launch title for the SNES, which likely gives it top-billing for a Classic Edition, regardless of what you may think of the game. Though I wasn’t a big fan, it makes sense to include this flight simulator for its impressive use of Mode 7 to rotate and scale its backgrounds for a true sky-high feel.

  1. F-Zero

This leads me to this other Mode 7 heavy game, the futuristic racer, F-Zero. This first-party title introducing the world to Captain Falcon has seen numerous rereleases. It’s a shoe-in for the Classic. FALCON PUNCH!

  1. Yoshi’s Safari

So why not pick the least likely Mode 7 game to make it. Yoshi’s Safari was a spinoff that required the Super Scope peripheral that allowed you to shoot at enemies while riding your green steed. Though it’s certainly a unique experience, I’d have to wonder if Nintendo would even be willing to pull this off. Still, it had Yoshi, and I enjoyed it at the time.

  1. Tetris Attack

A puzzle game that is nothing like Tetris, Tetris Attack is actually based on the Panel de Pon series, also known as Puzzle League. With a fun mechanic that tasked you to swap blocks to form three-in-a-row and cute aesthetics from Yoshi’s Island, this would be a great addition to the system, despite having never been on Virtual Console.


  1. Super Mario RPG

Another Mario game? I assure you, this is much different than the typical platformer. A joint venture between legendary RPG developer Square and Nintendo, Super Mario RPG introduced the Mushroom Kingdom to turn-based battle systems with a flair of button timing. It also introduced us to our favorite neglected puppet, Geno. SMRPG would be likely to appear, assuming Square Enix was on board.

FF VI SNES Classic.jpg

  1. Final Fantasy II (IV)

  2. Final Fantasy III (VI)

And while we’re on the topic of Square Enix, here are the other games I’d like from them. First off, we have both Final Fantasy II and III (or IV and VI following the series’ true numbering). Both games gave us endearing characters, awesome active time battle systems, amazing music, and high-quality sprite artwork. If I could only choose one to include, I’d pick III for its cast of characters and excellent villain. Though I’d hope to see both of them represented!

  1. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger. It’s a classic, and its diehard fans will tell you it’s their favorite game of all time. This epic journey takes you on an whirlwind tour through time, with lovable characters designed by Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball Z fame and a breathtaking soundtrack that I still listen to today. There’s no definite chance this game would make it on the collection, but we have to dream.

Chrono Trigger SNES Classic

  1. Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana is another game that may or may not make it, depending on what Square Enix gives, but let it be known that I’d like to see the multiplayer action-RPG find a new home on the SNES Classic.

  1. ActRaiser

The same goes for ActRaiser, which is the only of these Square-Enix games developed by Enix. I’m not sure this hybrid between action platformer and city-building simulator would be Nintendo’s first choice on their miniature SNES, but it’s a unique title that deserves more exposure.

  1. Super Castlevania IV

Continuing our third-party lineup, Konami’s Super Castlevania IV is a sensible pick, bringing a series already represented in the NES Classic to the 16-bit era. The game looked and played wonderfully at the time, so why not include this game so we can lay waste to Dracula all over again?

Super_castlevania_iv_SNES classic

  1. Contra III: The Alien Wars

Another well-known Konami game, Contra III: The Alien Wars, also deserves a spot on this list, with its series also represented on the original NES Classic. Though I haven’t played the other Contra games, I enjoyed this shoot ‘em up a lot, and I think it has a good chance of being included.

  1. The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

On the flip side is The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, a game whose series I adore, but who knows if we’ll get the game on the Classic. This hybrid of traditional 2D and isometric 3D platforming was well-received and has made it to Virtual Console multiple times, so there’s definitely the opportunity.

  1. Street Fighter II

Hadoken! With Ultra Street Fighter II on Switch being a thing, we might not see the original Capcom fighting game on the system. That would be a shame since I couldn’t imagine an SNES compilation without the World Warriors.

Megaman_X_SNES Classic

  1. Mega Man X

The same goes for Capcom’s edgier version of the Blue Bomber. Mega Man X is like the first series in everything but name. You still get to fire your buster and fight boss battles against robot master animals. Though I’d love for more X goodness to be on there, I’d go with the first entry if anything.

  1. Harvest Moon

For something completely different, Natsume’s Harvest Moon would make a perfect easygoing title. With the focus on watering crops and raising animals, it would be markedly different from slashing foes and bouncing on Goombas. The series is still popular today, and its first SNES entry has already previously made it to Virtual Console, so I can see this happening.

Kirby Super Star SNES Classic

  1. Kirby Super Star

  2. Kirby’s Dream Land 3

Going back to first-party (or at least second-party), HAL Laboratories’ Kirby platformers just have to be on the system. Kirby Super Star was known for providing eight games in one, and Kirby’s Dream Land 3 delivered a solid platformer while bringing back Kirby’s animal pals. Though I considered the spinoffs, Kirby’s Avalanche (a Puyo Puyo clone) and Kirby’s Dream Course (Kirby golf), I ultimately decided that Kirby’s classic titles should have representation first.

  1. Earthbound

And finally we come to Earthbound, that oh-so-quirky RPG that allegedly “stinks.” This story of four kids taking down animals, hippies, and aliens in a warped version of America, is one of the games I had looked most forward to for Virtual Console. Now that it’s made it, the next logical step is finding a home on the SNES Classic. Fuzzy Pickles!

EarthBound SNES Classic


It was difficult coming up with 30 games, especially third-party titles that deviated from the platformer and RPG genres, but this is an ideal list of what I’d like to see (that’d be possible) on the SNES Classic. Let’s just hope that regardless of what’s on there, there’s enough stock to go around so we can all enjoy it!

What games would you like to see on the SNES Classic? What games that I missed would you like to see? What are your favorite SNES games? Please share any thoughts you have in the comments section below! Thanks for reading!

74 thoughts on “SNES Classic Games Wish List

  1. Awesome list! This is a very stimulating pre-preview article and game ranking all in one! I think a good number of these games would make it to an SNES classic. Hopefully Nintendo will produce more than they did of the impossible to find NES classic. I’m most excited about Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, and Final Fantasy VI. There’s a lot of classic games I didn’t get the chance to experience, so please Nintendo, make this a reality!

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    1. Thanks for helping me put it all together! It took a while, but I’m glad we were able to make a finished product! And it was fun showing you a bunch of the SNES games I had too! I hope we can play a bunch of these 16-bit classics on an SNES Classic one day! 😀

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  2. I so hope this happens though I’m taking the rumor with a grain of salt. Personally, I’d love any of the Disney SNES games on it but that seems unlikely. Still, if we get a SNES Classic edition I hope I can at least find it this time, unlike the NES!

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    1. Whether or not the rumor is true, I’d love to see a bunch of these games on it! The Disney SNES games would be nice, like Goof Troop especially, but it’ll never happen unfortunately. Maybe we’ll at least get a Disney Afternoon Collection 2? I hope if there an SNES Classic, it actually gets stock.

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      1. Idk, I think it’s unlikely we’ll get any Disney games but not any less likely than something like Yoshi’s Safari… honestly depends if they decide to go with third parties? But still quite unlikely, if we didn’t get it on any VC I’m doubting we’d get it on SNES Classic. Still doesn’t hurt to dream!

        I’m still waiting for a Switch VC announcement though. Especially since they may be adding online to it. I take it that’s not coming until Autumn when we get the paid subscription service?

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      2. Yoshi’s Safari is definitely an unlikely reach, but I’d have to argue that it’s still more probably than a licensed game at all. I think if this were to happen, we would probably see third party games since the NES Classic Edition also had third parties. Of course, if we only get, say, 15 games, then they could fill it with first- and second- party games.

        No clue on the Switch VC, but there are plenty of Neo-Geo games, so that counts for something, right? Haha.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the list! There’s lots more games that could be on there that I left out, so here’s hoping that if Nintendo chooses the best games they can for a hypothetical SNES Classic! Thanks again! 😀

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  3. A ten game difference between our lists means we have the opportunity to be 2/3rds satisfied when this comes out! Wait… math isn’t my strong point. I’m a literature guy. Cool list, Panda! That’s awesome you can do this with vids as well. Man, where do you find the time?!

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    1. Thanks a lot Well-Red! Only ten games difference does mean we’ll both be 2/3 satisfied. Or maybe we’ll just both be ultra disappointed when SNES Classic contains nothing but games like Bebe’s Kids or Power Piggs of the Dark Age. Yes, those are real games that I had growing up. This is why I need an SNES Classic, haha.

      And yes, I actually had another video already planned for today, and it just didn’t work out and I couldn’t access it, so I wanted to make sure I got this out there. I worked late into the night as soon as I got the idea, meaning I didn’t sleep much, haha. And this post was actually later than my norm because I was still working on it. Probably more info than necessary, but point is, my wife and I put a lot of love (and sweat) into the video, and we’re both just incredibly happy that we finished when it did!

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      1. Hahaha! Imagine they ruin the SNES Classic with Home Improvement and Shaq Fu! Ahhhh Nintendo, don’t screw this up! I can tell you’re doing what you love, which is the most important thing, so losing out on some sleep is a noble sacrifice. Just do all you can before kids come, because trust me time becomes even shorter then!

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      2. Hahaha! I’m like the person to talk to about making the worst SNES Classic ever, by just making it a collection of my own games. Have you heard of Super Widget? Yea. Truth be told, I enjoyed the games when I was younger (except probably Bebe’s Kids, no one could love that game). I just didn’t know the good games until later. Thank goodness I at least didn’t grow up playing a game where I control Tim Allen in dinosaur land game. And Shaq Fu. Who could forget Shaq Fu? I wouldn’t mind a collection of good licensed games though. Haven’t played Turtles in Time on your list! I also thought Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose, Animaniacs, Aladdin, The Lion King, and Goof Troop were amazing titles.

        And thank you for that! It’s tough stuff, but I’m genuinely finding this venture rewarding in ways that I never thought possible. We’re not having kids anytime soon, so we’re definitely trying to enjoy being together and following our dreams before settling down. Sure the baby’s keeping you busy though! 🙂

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      3. I have never heard of Super Widget. They oughta give us a licensed collection sometime but that’s got a snowball’s chance in a very hot place. He’s keeping me very busy for sure! Glad I still have time for some blogging action, though. Blessings must be counted and all.

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      4. Yeah, it’s unlikely it’ll happen, but we can dream! At least most of the best games aren’t licensed, which just means Nintendo needs to court the third parties and get them to put their games on the Classic! Glad you can find time for both family and WordPress! Count those blessings indeed! 😀

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    1. Thank you! The DKC series is a bit concerning, though Nintendo has pulled through and delivered the entire series on both Wii U and 3DS Virtual Consoles after a hiatus. If they can have the licenses for the period in which they make and sell the system, hopefully it’ll be okay. As for Castlevania, Konami had Simon’s Quest on the NES Classic, so I think they should be fine. Then again, you’re right. Maybe Konami will decide not to allow it just because…

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    1. Thank you! I’ll admit, a lot of these games on the list are fresh to me because the first time I played them was actually on Virtual Console and not on the original system.


  4. Hi,

    I’m afraid this doesn’t have anything to do with your post, as great as it is.
    I just wanted to let you know that I am closing my blogging site and I wanted to thank you for your support. It was great to have your feedback and it helped me to keep trying my hand at writing my articles. I will still be on Twitter so I might see you there. Best of luck on your blog; you’re still doing an incredible job!

    – RetroStatue

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    1. Hi RetroStatue, I’m sorry to hear, but I hope that your decision is for the best for you. I’m glad to hear that I could help you in some way, and I hope that I still get to continue being in contact with you via Twitter! Thank you for your kind words! It means a lot! And even though you’re closing up, I enjoyed your work, ad I hope you’re proud to have written it! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, and may we keep in touch!

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    1. Haha yes! I think you’re making a pun, but honestly, I had fun with it. It’s a very unique game, and I wish that they had put that on Virtual Console when we got Duck Hunt and the other NES Zapper games! Thanks for your watch and comments! 😀


  5. Great list!! 😀 I highly approve of ALL of your choices, haha. I have so many happy memories with the SNES. I really hope I can get my hands on the SNES Classic when it happens. Oh and David Wise’s epic music tracks were the highlight of my childhood. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you approve! 😀 The SNES has so many classics, so it was hard to choose. But I think that means the system would be great no matter what was included! David Wise’s DKC2 soundtrack is one of my all-time favorites. 🙂

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      1. I loved the music in DKC2! Stickerbush Symphony, Hot head Hop, Enchanted Wood, and all of the pirate themed songs were fantastic. Actually, the whole soundtrack for that game was simply amazing! It’s very high up on my all-time favourite Video Game OST list too. 😀

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      2. Stickerbrush Symphony may be my favorite song period. Hot Head Hop, the forest, and all of the others songs there are also phenomenal. But nothing will come close to the kind of trancelike experience I had when going to Bramble Blast for the first time. It’s something else!

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  6. I have so many happy memories playing Kirby, Streetfighter 2 and Mega Man X on my uncle’s SNES. If Nintendo goes with your list I am sure this machine would be super popular with RPG fans.

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    1. Those are awesome memories to have! 🙂 Super Nintendo had a lot of classic RPGs, mostly thanks to Square, so I just had to include them in my ideal list. It helps that it’s one of my favorite genres too, haha.

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  7. This is a fantastic list and it would cover all of the SNES games I could possibly want. I think Nintendo would be wise to try and get these games. I wasn’t interested in the NES Classic but an SNES with these games (and let’s be honest, the rarity of the first one kind of makes an SNES one appealing too) might get me interested enough to buy one. Great work and this article is fun to read!

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    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading my article and list! I wanted the NES Classic to have it, but SNES has more of the games I want to play over and over. This was a golden age for gaming, and I’d love for Nintendo to introduce a compilation of classics for those who didn’t grow up with the system.

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      1. I completely agree. When I think of games like Kirby Super Star, DKC, Yoshi’s Island, all of those games reward you for learning their secrets and replaying them. The NES has a lot of hard games that are almost too hard or frustrating by modern gaming standards, the SNES has the challenging games you actually want to play time and time again!

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      2. Yea, NES was more arcade like with games that punished you harshly for game overs. More SNES games had saves, checkpoints, and overall replay value. That may be why so many people are fond of the system!

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      3. It is possibly also a generational thing too. I hear there are some people now who actually view the N64 as the most nostalgic video game console for them. That was the first home console I bought and yet, I don’t feel extra nostalgia for it necessarily. I know the SNES was just a better system than the NES and N64 were for actually playing games goes and because of the awesome game library if that makes sense. With that said, an N64 Classic could definitely happen in a few years!

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      4. Yup, have to agree with you. Depending on people’s experience and timing with game consoles, people will find different systems nostalgic. I have a lot of nostalgia with the N64, moreso than the SNES, because that’s when I started to play the quality Nintendo games as opposed to the licensed stuff I was playing on SNES. While I did get to play some great games like Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, and DKC2 on the original system as a kid, I missed out on most of my own list and had to play them on Virtual Console. I would so love an N64 Classic! And I’d hope that there are more games than what we got on VC. I’m not even sure we got 30 total N64 games on the Wii and Wii U combined…

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      5. I think we’re of a similar age and while there are games I love on NES and SNES, for some reason, the N64 still has a lot of games that I love and that is one reason why I kept my system all of this time. N64’s library has not aged well and it lacks the depth to have a big collection in my opinion. Rare really kept Nintendo going and some of the big Nintendo franchises like Yoshi and Kirby arguably did not fare well on the system too. With that said, I’d love to see more games (especially some of the more obscure ones like Blast Corps or Goemon) make a return on an N64 classic. There is a lot of potential there and a great follow-up article should you decide to write it! 🙂

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      6. I’d definitely love to write about that in the future! I love Blast Corps and Goemon too, especially the latter, so I’m completely with you there. If we could include all these obscure games that don’t have a chance at being on an N64 Classic, then I could see it being amazing, at least for people like us. Otherwise, we’re probably looking at the 15 or so big 1st party games that Nintendo keeps rereleasing on VC. Regardless, N64 will likely remain my favorite system for nostalgic reasons. Now, a remastered N64 compilation where all the games are updated for HD might be interesting though!

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      7. I’m afraid you’re right that Nintendo is unlikely to actually deliver a product like this that we can love. Though I will say N64 prices are insane and Nintendo charges a hefty amount on the eShop so I do think there is still some potential for value there. I think a game like Mario 64 would be incredible with some updates, especially to the graphics. That game absolutely blew my mind when I first played it in Toys R Us and while I rarely return to it, I will always love it for that and I wish the game got a bit more credit than it does nowadays.

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      8. Oh man, I love Super Mario 64, to the point where it’s actually one of the first big topics I made a video about. I’m not actually done with the video, but clearly the N64 means a lot to me. When I replayed it, I still had a lot of fun, so I it definitely still holds up despite camera issues. I think people still love Super Mario 64, and it’s often named as a revolutionary game for introducing the world to quality 3D platforming. It deserves all the credit!

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      9. It definitely was revolutionary and Mario 64 did 3D better than a lot of games that came after it. One of the things about the game that hasn’t aged well is how much open space there is. If Nintendo could address that in some way and make small improvements like making water a little easier to deal with, I think the game could really be appreciated by younger generations and not just the old fogeys who lived through the game like us 🙂

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      10. They sort of tried with Super Mario 64 DS, but Super Mario Galaxy 2’s Throwback Galaxy really made me hunger for a remastered HD version of the game! Hopefully, Super Mario Odyssey gives us what we want as big SM64 fans! 😀

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      11. Yes! Super Mario Galaxy 2 is what I was thinking of when I said things seemed bare. I couldn’t put my finger on which game it was. Super Mario 64 DS just didn’t quite work because of the controls and how poor the graphics were at the time on DS. I remember not playing much of that game even when there was literally nothing else to play on DS because it just wasn’t fun enough.

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      12. Super Mario 64 DS was fun, but I didn’t like the digital as opposed to analog controls. And while it was cool to play as different characters, I just can’t consider a version where you start out as Yoshi to be the definitive one, haha. 😛

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  8. The SNES is probably my favorite console of all time. It’s a toss up between it and the PlayStation, since the PS allowed me to play FFVII, but the SNES had more iconic, nostalgic, and amazing games, not knocking the PS of course, but the SNES has the more of the memories. If they do fulfill their promise and release a mini one, I’m definitely preordering this time! I already commented on your video with what I thought of your list 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for making such awesome comments on the video! 😀 I definitely replied to your wonderful thoughtful comments! SNES and PlayStation are two of the best go-to systems for RPGs and games in general. I love the SNES, and I wish I had played a bunch of the games on my list when I was younger. The ones I did play are among my favorite games of all time. Most of the others are games I played in the last decade (I know, I’m late, haha), but it’s been such a joy to experience so many classic titles for the first time all in a row like Chrono Trigger, FFIV and VI, Secret of Mana, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG — the list of games I’d first played through Virtual Console and remakes is huge. It just goes to show that those games are still excellent today and have withstood the test of time!

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      1. I still need to answer the comment you made on my comment lol. I was on YouTube last night to watch Hungry Goriya’s Phantasy Star video, but I was too tired to give a coherent response :p

        I think that’s why SNES is my (arguable) favorite; it introduced me to the wonderful world of RPGs, and PlayStation fully enmeshed me in that world with FFVII! I still haven’t played Secret of Mana, but I’ve listened to some of the music from the series, and it’s phenomenal as I would expect any OST from Square to be.

        I honestly feel like the best platformers were still those of yesteryear like SMB2, SMB3, SMB World and so on. Of course I’m very biased lol.

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      2. I think you would enjoy Secret of Mana! Everything about it screams classic Square, and the music is indeed phenomenal. And as far as 2D platformers go, all of my favorites are on the Super Nintendo, which is why I have so many on my ideal SNES Classic list!

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  9. Great list! I loved many of these games growing up, and still do today! The DKC trilogy and Super Mario RPG, along with all Kirby games and Yoshi’s Island, dominated a lot of my time! I also loved Yoshi’s Safari… that was one of the few games my mom would actually play, haha!

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    1. Thank you! I definitely included a lot of fan-favorites. They’re truly representative of the system, and I couldn’t imagine an SNES compilation without those classics. Yay! You actually played Yoshi’s Safari! I’m glad you AND your mom loved it! So awesome! 🙂

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      1. It’s funny because I could never get my mom to play any other game with me, but she loved Yoshi’s Safari! Seeing her playing with the Super Scope was awesome 😉 I still have my Super Scope along with Yoshi’s Safari and a couple other games for it, though I haven’t played it in a long time!

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      2. It’s great you still have you Super Scope and games that use it! That must have been awesome seeing your mom use a Super Scope. Could never really get mine to play video games, let alone use a Super Scope. Dr. Mario 64 was the closest thing to a game my whole family enjoyed, haha.

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      3. Yeah it was pretty cool! I remember my uncle would play it too. They would take over my bedroom and play it for hours, haha!! I didn’t mind though, because they never played any other games. I never could get my mom to play any other games, but apparently I am to blame for influencing some of my younger cousins to play video games. 😉 Aww well Dr. Mario 64 is still a great game to play together!!

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      4. Haha I think I am too! 😉 Although my aunt and uncle might beg to differ when it comes to my youngest cousin who is 16… they say all he does is play video games! He’s a really good kid though- makes good grades, is responsible, etc.- so I can think of way worse things he could be doing!

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  10. Wow now that’s is an Epic list!! If you were in charge of deciding the list of titles for a SNES mini I would jump to purchase it especially with Secret of Mana, Earthbound and my all time favourite game Chrono Trigger.

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    1. Awesome! So glad you enjoyed the list! There are so many great choices depending on which genres people enjoy, so there’d definitely have to be a great collective determining which 30 (or whatever it ultimately would be) makes it. Thanks for your awesome comments!

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  11. Sweet list! I would add Turtles in Time, Aladdin, and the Lion King. Funny how games back then that were based on movies/TV shows we so much better than the total shovelware they are now!

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    1. Thanks a lot Geddy! And solid additions! I love both Aladdin and The Lion King (the latter of which I played a lot as a kid), and I’ve heard great things about Turtles in Time! I didn’t include them on my list, simply because as licensed games, they were unlikely picks. That said, I played a bunch of licensed games as a kid and wouldn’t mind seeing some of the really good ones brought back like Goof Troop, Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose, Animaniacs, and of course, the wonderful games you mentioned. As far as licensed games go, they were and still are better than some of the stuff we get today. The Capcom and Konami difference helped them a lot! I think the closest things we have to good licensed games now are Batman and adventure games based on comics franchises.

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      1. Oh man, Turtles in Time was the ultimate arcade game! The music was probably the best thing ever – give it a listen on Youtube and you’ll see what I mean! Definitely got 10-year-old me’s heart racing 🙂

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  12. This is a great list, it would be so hard to narrow down 30 games I’d like to see on a SNES classic. I’m really just hoping Nintendo grows the Switch’s eShop and makes it so I don’t have to buy Earthbound for a 4th time. Because I will 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! It’s very hard to narrow down 30 games, but that speaks volumes about the SNES’ amazing library. I’m still not sure what will happen with the Switch’s eShop, but I’m hoping for the best too. I’d also probably buy Earthbound again either way. 😉


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