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Hello, and thank you for visiting my page.  I am a lifelong gamer and have been playing video games since I was a child.  I own every major Nintendo system from the NES to the Switch.  The purpose of this page is to share my opinions on video games, and I write my reviews with the hope of helping you make informed decisions on video games.  I focus on newer games, but I also delve into older games every now and then.  Please feel free to read, share what you think in the comments, and enjoy! And check out my YouTube channel for video reviews, let’s plays, discussions, and more!


Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (3DS) Review

Born to Change History

The original Radiant Historia for the Nintendo DS was a hard-to-find game released near the end of the portable system’s life. The title has found a new home on the Nintendo 3DS as Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, adding a new what-if timeline, dungeon, and quality of life improvements. As a “definitive edition,” the game is well-suited for new players, but my big question was whether this upgrade was enough to warrant a replay.

A classic DS game remastered – Wait, can we call DS games classic yet?

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TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom (Switch) Review

Neither Mutant Nor Ninja

At first, TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom looks like an easygoing game with cute turtles. Indeed, the adorable reptiles and colorful backgrounds promote the kid-friendly vibe, but the intricate mechanics may confuse younger gamers and even some adults.

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Kirby Star Allies (Switch) Review

A Kirby Potluck

At last, the mainline Kirby series has finally returned to consoles. Kirby Star Allies revolves around befriending enemies and utilizing their powers, a concept that originated in the SNES classic Kirby Super Star. The game also borrows elements from other titles, such as ability combinations from Kirby 64 and 4-player co-op from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. Although the core experience feels identical to its counterparts, its potluck mechanics complement each other effectively, bringing out the best in Kirby and his friends.

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Earthlock (Switch) Review

A Festival of Magic

Earthlock is a throwback to classic 90s RPGs with all the fixings – a turn-based combat system, customizable character progression, and a plot about teens fighting for the world. Developer Snowcastle Games originally released this title in 2016 as Earthlock: Festival of Magic but decided to improve the game’s story flow and quests. Although I haven’t played the original version, I can share my experiences for this “Should Have Been Edition” as a first timer.

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North (Switch) Review

Gone South

Warning: Bizarre Imagery Ahead

After playing and completing the game North within the span of an hour, I can safely say that I have no idea what I witnessed. And that’s actually the point of this light adventure/walking simulator that puts you in control of a refugee in a strange land. The game opens with a letter explaining the protagonist’s situation to his sister. After escaping the presumably horrible South, he has arrived in a city in the North, which is portrayed as a dark, dystopian landscape.

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