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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes (Switch) Review

Video Game Assassins

If you were a fan of the original No More Heroes 1 and 2 on the Wii, then you were no doubt excited when Grasshopper Manufacture’s Suda51 unveiled that there would be a new installment, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, on the Nintendo Switch. Travis Touchdown, anime fan and assassin, is back for another mature-rated outing with Suda51’s signature brand of over-the-top humor. As a spinoff, it’s markedly different from its predecessors, sporting top-down hack-and-slash gameplay as opposed to the series’ hyper-stylistic gore fests.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) Review

Everyone is Here!

What better word is there than “ultimate” to describe a massive video game crossover that includes every single character and then some from the long-running Super Smash Bros. series? It’s hard to imagine that we have a franchise where so many iconic gaming characters duke it out. Here we are with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a game that celebrates Nintendo and other major video game publishers that have brought joy to many people around the world.

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Guacamelee! 2 (Switch) Review

A Hot Double Dip

In a saturated market of non-linear Metroidvania games, Drinkbox Studios’ Guacamelee! stood out for its emphasis on Luchador wrestling brawls and platforming challenges, all with a colorful Mexican flair. Years later, the developers revisit the formula with Guacamelee! 2, a solid—albeit iterative—sequel. Oh, and you can play as a chicken.

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Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee! (Switch) Review

Gotta Catch ’em All Again!

Pokémon has been a big part of my life since the original Pokémon Red and Blue came out over 20 years ago. The series has impacted me in many ways. It introduced me to anime and RPGs, helped me make friends, and got me through some of the toughest parts of my life. Naturally, I was excited to play Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, the first quasi-mainline game to arrive on a console. It’s not quite a spinoff, but it incorporates elements from the worldwide mobile phenomenon Pokémon GO into a remake of the original Game Boy game, Pokémon Yellow.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Switch) Review

Connected Hearts at War

Valiant Hearts isn’t your typical war game. It isn’t a first-person shooter where you run in guns blazing. Rather, it is a slower puzzle adventure title centering on four ordinary individuals. It shares their poignant experiences during the Great War, otherwise known as World War I.

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