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Hello, and thank you for visiting my page.  I am a lifelong gamer and have been playing video games since I was a child.  I own every major Nintendo system from the NES to the Switch.  The purpose of this page is to share my opinions on video games, and I write my reviews with the hope of helping you make informed decisions on video games.  I focus on newer games, but I also delve into older games every now and then.  Please feel free to read, share what you think in the comments, and enjoy! And check out my YouTube channel for video reviews, let’s plays, discussions, and more!


Panda Roundup – E3 2018 Impressions & Panda Updates

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Panda Roundup! I’d call this a “Weekly Panda Roundup,” but I haven’t actually done one since last July… Oops. That being said, I hope to be able to do this somewhat more regularly in the future, or at least every few months or so. This roundup is devoted to my E3 2018 Impressions as well as some general updates. You can see what my wife Tiffa “Crystal Dragon” and I thought of the Nintendo Direct E3 2018 presentation and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the video below!

Here are our impressions and reactions immediately following the Nintendo Direct E3 2018 Presentation!
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Shape of the World (Switch) Review

Our Changing World

The first person exploration game Shape of the World begins in a bright white realm, nearly devoid of anything. In the distance is a red outline of an incomplete triangle a singular image beckoning the player. Upon walking through the triangular shape, nature suddenly begins to materialize: trees pop up from the ground and giant boulders appear from behind. The world receives a splash of color, and unfamiliar creatures populate the new environment. So begins the journey.

Be sure to check out my Video Review for your viewing pleasure!

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Happy Birthdays (Switch) Review

Happy Big Bang Birthday!

The peculiarly named Happy Birthdays is an ecosystem simulator conceived by the mind behind Harvest Moon, Yasuhiro Wada. Much like the iconic farming series, this “god game” is about managing your environment to produce something—in this case, entire species. By manipulating elements like temperature and terrain within a miniature cube, you can influence the creation of many lifeforms and experience their happy birthdays.

As a birthday treat, here’s my Video Review!

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Die for Valhalla (Switch) Review

Lost Vikings

Die for Valhalla isn’t just a name: death will occur often in this cartoonish 2D brawler. Inspired by Castle Crashers, indie developer Monster Couch’s game pits you and up to three friends against waves of enemies. There are a few takes on the genre, including roguelike elements and a possession mechanic, but the question is how Die for Valhalla fares with these twists.

Here’s my Video Review for your viewing pleasure!

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Punch Club Review

Pulling No Punches

The first rule of Punch Club is: you don’t pull any punches. In this port of a 2016 game, you manage everything about a fighter’s life except the actual fighting. He handles that all on his own. Instead, you’re in charge of training him, feeding him, managing his social life, and keeping him happy. He’s essentially a Sim, except you can’t kill him by enclosing him in a toiletless room. Jokes aside, the concept is an interesting take on the fight simulation genre. However, a flaw with the execution decays the entertainment value.

Let’s keep it clean! Punch-Out!!

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