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Hello, and thank you for visiting my page.  I am a lifelong gamer and have been playing video games since I was a child.  I own every major Nintendo system from the NES to the Switch.  The purpose of this page is to share my opinions on video games, and I write my reviews with the hope of helping you make informed decisions on video games.  I focus on newer games, but I also delve into older games every now and then.  Please feel free to read, share what you think in the comments, and enjoy! And check out my YouTube channel for video reviews, let’s plays, discussions, and more!


The Mooseman (Switch) Review

Mythical Moose

Folklore is important to many cultures, encompassing the people’s stories, beliefs, and traditions. Over time, people have shared these tales and teachings through word of mouth, books, and movies. Video games, too, have the potential to share one’s culture. And that’s precisely what the developers at Morteshka do with The Mooseman, a puzzle adventure based on ancient Russian myths.

Check out my Video Review to see the game in action!

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The Lion’s Song (Switch) Review

A Narrative Magnum Opus

Early 20th Century Austria may not sound like the most interesting setting for a video game, but it gave rise to significant moments in history. Many may know it as the home country of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination was pivotal leading up to World War I. However, not everyone may know that it was also a breeding ground of modernism in an era focused on cultural advancements in the arts and sciences. The Lion’s Song explores this period through a point-and-click adventure game told in four episodes, all available in one download on the Nintendo Switch.

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Yuso (Switch) Review

Planetary Puzzle Pop

Yuso is a cute puzzle game that has you touring the solar system to rid the galaxy of the titular creatures. The Yuso, which resemble colorful emoji blobs, look unsuspecting but are a menace to society, at least according to the planetary deities who set you on this mission. It’s a puzzle game, so of course, the only way to stop the adorable blobs is to pop them to oblivion.

Here’s my Video Review for your viewing pleasure!

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SpiritSphere DX (Switch) Review

Zelda Meets Tennis

Camelot’s Mario Tennis series revealed how fun tennis could be in the wacky Mushroom Kingdom. But what if the sport expanded into The Legend of Zelda universe? Developer Eendhoorn and publisher Fabraz’s SpiritSphere DX seeks to answer that question, gathering characters inspired by the Zelda series to play a fantasy ball game.

Here’s my Video Review for your viewing pleasure!

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Dream Alone (Switch) Review

A Dark Nightmare

Dream Alone is one of the darkest games I have played. It’s not because of its chilling storyline, creepy atmosphere, or horrifying imagery. Rather, the game display is literally so dark that it’s sometimes hard to see the screen. When factoring in obscured death traps and poor level design, the issues turn this dream into a nightmare.


Check out my Video Review to see how dark Dream Alone truly is!

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