Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido (Switch) Review

Strikingly Delicious

Think about the most delicious food you’ve ever eaten. After savoring your meal, was your gut reaction… to throw your empty plate at the person across from you? This is how every single character in Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido operates. Co-developed by Nintendo and indieszero, known for fan-beloved games like NES Remix, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and Retro Game Challenge, Sushi Striker is a fast-paced puzzle game with surprising depth.

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WarioWare Gold (3DS) Review

Good as Gold

The original WarioWare for Game Boy Advance was a collection of microgames – three- to five-second challenges that you would play in succession – ranging from silly to utterly insane. Later entries in the series took advantage of unique gimmicks; WarioWare Touched used the Nintendo DS’ touch screen for its fast-paced trials, and WarioWare Twisted had motion-controlled games that utilized the GBA’s gyroscope. WarioWare Gold embraces this legacy as greatest hits compilation including over 300 microgames representing these different control styles.

WarioWare Gold 3DS.jpg

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Octopath Traveler (Switch) Review

Eight is Enough

Over the years, Square Enix has become synonymous with role-playing games. For many fans, the SNES era hit a sweet spot with classic RPGs like Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger. The company has continued to develop nostalgic throwbacks like Bravely Default and Lost Sphear, so it was no surprise when it initially unveiled Octopath Traveler during the first ever major Nintendo Switch presentation. Its brief reveal trailer was like nothing I’d seen before, yet it felt so familiar. After finally playing through this gem, I realize why. It evokes the classic era through modern takes on retro game design – striking visuals that marry 2D and 3D, truly daring storytelling, and a deep, engaging battle system.

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The Banner Saga 3 (Switch) Review

Raise the Banner High

The Banner Saga trilogy comes to a close with its final installment, four years after the first game launched. While the gameplay hasn’t changed much since Stoic’s Nordic fantasy tactics RPG began, the story’s stakes have dramatically increased. Surviving characters and player decisions play a part in shaping The Banner Saga 3’s epic conclusion.

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Heroki (Switch) Review

A New True Blue Hero

Heroki hearkens back to an era when 2D platformers ruled the scene. It shares the same characteristics of the genre: a colorful and inviting world, shiny collectibles, and a cute mascot. At the same time, Heroki isn’t quite a standard platformer as the titular hero is rarely ever on the ground. Using a propeller on top of his football-shaped head, the protagonist can freely fly across each stage.


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