Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) Review

Let’s Do the Odyssey!

Decades have passed since Super Mario 64 introduced an entire generation to 3D platforming, and it holds a special place in my heart for that reason. Super Mario Sunshine continued the open sandbox formula, but after that, the series moved in different directions. Super Mario Galaxy took a more linear approach to 3D gameplay, while New Super Mario Bros. returned the franchise to its 2D sidescrolling roots. But I still longed for an experience like Super Mario 64, so I was beyond excited when I first learned that Nintendo would revisit that untapped well with Super Mario Odyssey.

Check out the Video Version for spoiler-free gameplay and some singing from your 1-UP Panda!

Indeed, the game features non-linear sandbox worlds, just like the classic 3D titles. You enter a large, relatively open area to find Power Moons that are used to power up your flying ship and travel to new kingdoms. But there are some key differences. For one, there is no hub world à la Peach’s Castle. While the nostalgic fan in me misses the hub system, it’s a fine design decision to complement the other notable change. Namely, once you collect a Power Moon, you are no longer booted out of the world but can instead move on to find the next one, similarly to games like Banjo-Kazooie. It’s a huge improvement that fosters continuous exploration without having to retread ground. And it ultimately serves the ambitious scope of the game’s collectibles.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Review Fossil Falls.jpg
It’s like looking at a travel brochure!

Remember how many Power Stars Super Mario 64 had? The magic number of 120 has persevered to Sunshine and Galaxy. Super Mario Odyssey throws that limit out the window and features many hundreds of Power Moons. A single level may have around 50, and some push it way past that, which means every area is densely packed with Moons – to the point where you could potentially find multiple within minutes. Though the game leads you to certain story-relevant Moons, you can freely go anywhere in the sandbox, collecting anything you find on the way. On one hand, some Moons require such little effort that they feel devalued. But on the other hand, the game is overflowing with content, and who am I to argue with that? For every Moon that felt undeserved, there were at least a dozen other ones that required me to pull off amazing platforming tricks, solve intuitive puzzles, or face incredible enemies to earn them. The quality more than justifies the quantity, and I am constantly encouraged to explore every inch of the world to my heart’s content.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Review Sand Kingdom.jpg
I like the little touches, such as Mario shivering in the Sand Kingdom.

It helps that the new areas themselves are the freshest they’ve been since Super Mario Galaxy. New Donk City is every bit as fun to explore as the initial trailers suggested, and the Luncheon Kingdom has a distinct flavor, with its pink soup-like lava and crystalized food. Even the Sand Kingdom is different from the norm with its ice protrusions. Plus, the new variety of creatures made a big impression on me, from the Wooded Kingdom’s gardening robots to the Lake Kingdom’s mermaids. The increased worldbuilding efforts extend to the map screen; your map is part of a travel brochure that actually tells you fun facts and lore about the kingdom. I love how the game pushes the tourist angle with its Souvenirs and Stickers, both of which spruce up your flying ship and are only purchasable with each land’s corresponding currency. And of course, it’s ridiculously entertaining to play dress up with Mario’s plentiful costumes, even though they’re mostly cosmetic. My only wish is that I could have seen more of the smaller kingdoms, which is a testament to my enjoyment of their designs.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Review Boss.jpg
Bongo Bongo? Eyerok?

Most importantly, each world is a giant playground that suits Mario’s acrobatic abilities. And the mustached plumber is a joy to control. Like a true Jumpman, he can perform all of his trademark maneuvers like the Triple Jump. The fluid controls make it easy to perform death-defying leaps, which are the heart and soul of the game’s platforming. They truly shine in the tough pure platforming sections, reminiscent of the popular FLUDD-less levels of Super Mario Sunshine. And instead of punching or firing water streams, Super Mario Odyssey features one of his most versatile weapons yet: his own hat, which he can throw at enemies or even bounce on.

But by far, the best use of his hat is capturing other creatures, taking over their bodies and utilizing their special attributes and abilities. After all, this isn’t Mario’s ordinary headwear. A ghostlike creature named Cappy has possessed Mario’s hat in an agreement to defeat the evil Bowser and save his sister Tiara and…Princess Peach. Surprise! The story involving Bowser scheming to marry Peach isn’t groundbreaking (though I must say that Bowser looks dapper in his getup), but Cappy’s inclusion is gamechanging.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Review Frog.jpg
Closest we’ve ever gotten to Frog Mario!

By throwing your hat at certain creatures, you can capture them, essentially becoming a mustached Goomba or a Hammer Bro. or what have you and inheriting its powers. Stacking Goombas and tossing hammers are inherently fun, but clever environmental puzzles are what give depth to the mechanic. For example, stretching a Tropical Wiggler’s body to find footholds and creating pockets of lava for the fiery Podobos to bounce on are creative implementations. Additionally, their unique abilities lend to some of the most original boss fights in any Mario game. I was always eager to discover how to use my newly captured creature to find Moons. And did I mention that you can capture a T-Rex? A T-Rex!

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Review Tropical Wiggler.jpg
Don’t touch fuzzy. Don’t get dizzy.

Mario’s odyssey isn’t flawless, though. For some reason, Nintendo insists on motion controls for some movements where a button would suffice, such as spin attacking with your hat. There are roundabout ways to perform some of these, but some capture abilities are motion-exclusive, for instance, high jumping with Frog Mario. They’re unnecessarily difficult to pull off in handheld mode, one of the Nintendo Switch’s defining playstyles. I would have liked an option to remap it to a button for this reason. And no, the options menu deceptively only toggles the first-person gyro motion. The camera is also a bit awkward. It’s usually reliable, and you can control it easily – but for whatever reason – it likes to steadily angle itself to a top-down view, making it difficult to see what’s ahead. Again, these overall don’t ruin the experience but are odd inconveniences.

Despite the large worlds and numerous Power Moons, beating the main story takes about ten hours, which some may consider short. To compensate, playing to 100% completion is a herculean task. Without spoilers, the postgame is massive and more than doubles the playtime after the credits roll. And the later challenges add considerable difficulty to the main game, which otherwise isn’t terribly hard for veterans of the genre. On that note, the game is friendly to newcomers. Instead of a life system, you merely lose ten coins upon death. Going one step further, there is an optional Assist Mode that covers the ground with objective marker arrows and increases Mario’s health, both of which are perfect ways to introduce the 3D gameplay to inexperienced players. Alternatively, there is a 2-player mode, in which one of you plays as Cappy. The co-op multiplayer is light, but it’s perfect if you or your partner wants to participate but has trouble with platforming.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Review Snapshot Mode.jpg
I’ll just leave this here.

The detailed character designs and the utterly stunning worlds are truly a sight to see, like a travel brochure photograph come to life. The colorful and vibrant Mario aesthetic has never looked this polished. This is highlighted by the Snapshot Mode, which allows you to take pictures of any scene, with filters if you desire. In both docked and handheld mode, the game runs smoothly. Most of the music is superb, featuring catchy orchestral tunes like those in Mario Galaxy. And of course, Pauline’s vocal track, Jump Up, Super Star! has been firmly ingrained in my head on an infinite loop.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Review Pauline.jpg
I’ll Be Your 1-UP Panda!


Mario’s 3D titles only come once in a blue moon, so this game had a lot to live up to, especially following the Switch’s launch release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a series-defining game. While it’s tempting to argue which was better, I actually appreciate the games’ similarities. For me, Super Mario Odyssey felt like playing a Zelda game if Link were an acrobatic platformer mascot. As in the Zelda series, I got to freely explore large, open worlds that unraveled the more I progressed. Every area was densely packed with environmental puzzles and genuinely surprising secrets that made me smile. Thanks to the proximity of the Power Moons, it was easy to pick up and play in portable mode, like Breath of the Wild. Even capturing enemies and using their abilities reminded me of Majora’s Mask. The familiar Zelda beats, combined with a reimagining of sandbox platforming gameplay, has created a worthy successor to the classics. Hats off to this true masterpiece!

Score: 10/10

What are your thoughts on Super Mario Odyssey?

If you’ve played it, what are your favorite Captures and Kingdoms? What are your favorite Mario games and how does this game rank? What do you like more: Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

Please share any thoughts or questions you have in the comments section below! Thank you so much for reading and watching!

70 thoughts on “Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) Review

  1. I was looking forward to this review! And you didn’t disappoint! So much cool stuff going on here! I love using the hat to control other creatures, and abandoning the hub world. The love design looks amazing, and different too – Mario in a suit! What a great year for Nintendo! Also, congratulation on hitting the big 5-0!

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    1. Thanks as always my dear friend! I’m glad you enjoyed it! My goodness, you need to play this game! We need to set something up, or you need your hands on a Nintendo Switch. It’s amazing. And haha, Mario in a suit does remind me of our video game wedding. 😉 Nintendo has been killing it in its first year!! So happy for them! And thanks so much for the congrats! Woohoo! 50!! 😀


  2. Wowzers gabowsers, what a jump up super star review! I can tell how much love, enthusiasm, and pure joy you have for this game. I think it’s the best Switch game since Breath of the Wild. I was pleasantly surprised by all the Zelda-esque puzzles scattered throughout the worlds. Capturing other creatures (or people) with Cappy is so fun and novel. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be a T-rex? And the music is super catchy, especially the title song. I liked your rendition by the way. ^_- Two player mode is fun too. Playing as Cappy takes the pressure off since I’m not confident in my platforming skills. I love everyone’s snazzy wedding outfits, especially Bowser’s debonair white tux and top hat. I can’t wait to play more and hunt down all those power moons. That makes me a 1-UP girl, lol. And a 1-UP panda! I think I still like Breath of the Wild more, but I have to say that this is best Mario game I’ve ever seen!

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    1. Awww thank you so much!! 😀 You’re my 1-UP Panda! Also, my 1-UP Dragon! 😉 It’s fun to play together, too, and I found it relaxing to just explore a entire world to its fullest with a great Cappy partner! I’m glad you enjoyed it too! You did great!!! Capturing is definitely my favorite part about Super Mario Odyssey. It’s so ambitious to have so many transformations in the game, even if they’re not the normal hat power-ups! The tux and dress costumes remind me of our video game themed wedding. But where were the amiibo during then?! They could have made great cake toppers! Oh well, I still like our Link and Zelda one. And you do too, because you liked BotW more! Another excellent game! Wow, the Nintendo Switch has been amazing in its first year!

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  3. Honestly, Odyssey puts up a good argument for being the best video game I’ve ever played. There’s never a dull moment. I even think it beats Breath of the Wild for game of the year, and BotW was one of the best games ever made in its own right! Sure, BotW may have been a “bigger leap” for its series, but I think that’s only because Zelda was overdue for a major overhaul, whereas Mario just needed to find the right kind of change, but wasn’t exactly desperate for it (after having the Galaxy duo and the excellent 3D World in recent years), and Odyssey pulled off exactly what it needed to and more.

    Great review as always. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to revise my favorite video games ever list (again)…

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    1. Thank you very much! 😀 I can definitely see Super Mario Odyssey as one of those rare games that could top many people’s game of all time lists. Although I do debate it in my head, I also think I’m in the camp of Super Mario Odyssey being overall better than Breath of the Wild, and of course I loved the latter. I think someone who I talked to about it put it best that the best games either innovate or perfect. BotW did an amazing job innovating the Zelda structure and to an extent, open world games. Super Mario Odyssey perfected the 3D sandbox platformer genre, and I believe it did a better job of perfecting than BotW did innovating. And I’d say that SMO had the higher mountain to climb to impress me since I knew what I was coming into. And yet, I was still blown away by how ambitious SMO ended up. I still have a soft nostalgic spot for Super Mario 64, but wow oh wow, I grinned so much playing Odyssey.

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      1. I am greatly debating whether Odyssey or Galaxy 2 did the best job at “perfecting” their craft. Either way, those are probably the two best 3D games I’ve played (with BotW and Portal, as well as the Souls games, being not far behind). I also have a nostalgic soft spot for 64, but I think it’s more in my top 15 or 20. Galaxy 2 and Odyssey are easily in the top 10 for me though.
        I don’t know how Mario keeps popping out masterpieces like this.

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      2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is up there for me. I think it was better than Super Mario Galaxy, buuuuuuut it didn’t feel as magical to me, mostly because Galaxy 1 did that for me. But in terms of gameplay and world design, Galaxy 2 outdoes the first. As for Odyssey vs. Galaxy 2, it’s an easy choice for Odyssey for me. Odyssey had much more to refine, since Sunshine was technically the last sandbox Mario before it. Galaxy 2 felt very similar to 1, albeit with much better world design and more fun gameplay (love Yoshi so much). Odyssey is quite distinct from 64 and Sunshine, but it evokes the same feelings with heavily improved gameplay. Either way, they’re both great games!

        And yeah, I’m loving Mario’s resurgence, but mostly because I wasn’t as fond of his New Super Mario Bros. phase. Games are great, and I love 2D sidescrolling, but they felt so generic. Odyssey is full of fresh life in comparison.

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      3. The first Galaxy certainly had the wow factor, but Galaxy 2 had that “lol other games exist?” level of quality about it that so few games have. For that matter, seeing as I’m mostly reviewing games retroactively and based on how well they’ve aged, Galaxy 2 may be (may be) the earliest 3D game I’d give a 10 to (in fact, it was the first 10 review I wrote for my site). Galaxy 1 is a 10 in its own right, but because it’s similar to the sequel, and I think the sequel is the better overall experience, I think I’d end up giving Galaxy 1 a 9.5 under that criteria. Kind of a similar scenario with Mario Bros. 3 and World. Both are pretty much “perfect,” but I like World better overall. So I gave World a 10 and 3 a 9.5.

        I think the magic of Galaxy 2 was in just how well it executed everything it did. Sure, it re-used the space concept, but it also felt like a celebration of the entire franchise (levels based on 64, Sunshine, World, etc.). It was like everything wonderful about the series rolled into one game, which is what Odyssey did all over again.

        The New Super Mario Bros. games were good, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the likes of 3 and World, or Yoshi’s Island (which counts as a Mario game, according to Miyamoto). The first NSMB was a lot of fun when it first came out, but age has shown that that may have been due to the lack of sidescrollers at the time, since the level design is nothing special. NSMBWii at least had multiplayer, which later influenced other sidescrollers. NSMB2, however, was the first time I was ever concerned about Mario’s future. I mean, from a technical standpoint it was a good game (I’ve played enough “AVGN games” to know what a bad game is), but it was so creatively bland and empty. This was especially disappointing because NSMBU was probably the best in the sub-series, but because “2” had been released mere months beforehand, it was hard for people to care too much about “U.”
        And, of course, it didn’t help the NSMB games that Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze were released in that era, and upstaged them in every conceivable way (Tropical Freeze may be my favorite game I’ve given a 9.5 to, and I long for Nintendo to release a “deluxe” version on Switch with some new levels or something. It deserved so much better than what it got).

        By the way, have you ever checked out my pages for the games I’ve given 10s and 9.5s to?

        Wow, I’m really rambling! Sorry about that.

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      4. Totally agree with you on New Super Mario Bros. From everything I’ve learned from Super Mario Maker, NSMB’s platforming is spot-on. But it almost doesn’t make a difference when just about nothing is distinct between the four games. I agree that NSMBU was the best, but what stood out most to me (besides the flying squirrels) was the world map. I love Super Mario World, so that throwback was excellent for me. Level design and gimmicks? I maybe remember some of them, but then it’s hard for me to remember whether I’m thinking of NSMBU or NSMBW or even 2. By the way, 2 is also my least favorite. It’s probably better than 1, but again, based on my feelings when I first played them, I was much more excited for the first NSMB’s return to 2D sidescrolling. It was back when the series was actually NEW hahaha.

        I would have to say Super Mario Galaxy is the game that made a bigger impression on me. Taking scores and retro reviews out of the equation, hands-down Galaxy 1 was a truly magical experience. It might be the same even if I played Super Mario Galaxy 2 first, because I do feel that Rosalina and her space hub made that tiny difference for me. After all, the hub was one of my favorite parts about Super Mario 64 and Sunshine. I kind of do miss it in Odyssey.

        I’m rambling too, so no worries at all! Mario is the perfect subject to ramble on. I believe I checked the pages when you first put them up, but I’ll give them another looksie when I check out your Odyssey review!

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      5. I am indeed interested! And I will check it out soon! Sorry, I’d been busy with packing for a trip tomorrow, but I want to make sure I give your review the time it deserves! I look forward to reading it, since I think we have similar feelings about SMO’s Switch dominance.

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  4. yeeeeeeeeeeeees! i have been waiting for this review! i definitely had my doubts about mario odyssesy. for one i’m not a huge mario fan. but i’m totally blown away by how good this game looks and your review helped to change my mind on this one. still i’m not fully sold but i am tempted to buy a copy. ^ ^

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    1. Thanks! Glad my review helped you! Even if you aren’t a huge Mario fan, this may just be the game to help get you in! It’s really approachable, especially with the Assist Mode. And it’s super fun to explore the worlds, and you don’t even have to be a platforming expert to enjoy them!


    1. Haha no problem Kuribo! I can tell you there are no spoilers assuming you’ve seen the trailers, but I hope you enjoy Super Mario Odyssey when you can get a Switch! You can come back and check out what I thought after too! 🙂 As a P.S. I really want to play Persona 5 sometime. So many games, so little time. Who would have thought 2017, or even the Nintendo Switch alone, would have so many quality games?!

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      1. I haven’t seen the trailers and with Mario games I generally avoid spoilers just because it is so much fun to experience it all for the first time when playing. In general, I don’t care about spoilers too much though. Persona 5 is great so far. I’m getting close to 30 hours in and I look forward to playing it whenever I have free time 🙂 With that said, I can’t wait to finally get a Switch and “catch up” on all of the awesome games that have already been released!

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      2. I’m so excited for you then! You are going to have a fun time. I can feel it! 🙂 I care somewhat about spoilers but it’s inevitable since even Nintendo likes to share a lot of its games. I don’t mind when Nintendo does it, but it is annoying when unmarked spoilers appear otherwise. Thank goodness I wasn’t spoiled for Super Mario Odyssey!

        I might ask for Persona 5 for Christmas. It has been in my wish list ever since it came out and it looks exactly like the kind of game I’d enjoy!

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      3. I can’t wait either. Mario games are definitely my favorite and with Odyssey getting 10’s from esteemed reviewers like yourself, it is a sure thing that I’m going to love it!

        Persona 5 is pretty good so far. I’m 30 out of about 100 hours in so there is quite a ways to go yet. I don’t know if I like it better than Persona 4 yet but there is no doubt in my mind that it is a 9 out of 10 or higher level game. So if you like a good JRPG, I definitely recommend it!

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      4. I’m excited for you to play it, especially after seeing your awesome reviews of the amiibo! Such a love letter to fans of Super Mario 64 and Sunshine!

        I love a good JRPG and Persona 5 is near the top of my wishlist. It looks to be just what I like – anime in RPG form. Actually, I also have Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita that I haven’t played yet. Would you recommend playing through that or P5 first? Have you played P4G by any chance?


  5. great review! I agree, the forced motion controls are an odd decision. I do like them alot, but i can’t help but feel like i’m missing out when playing in handheld mode.

    love that you used the music from the wooded area in your review, i looooove that song

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    1. Thank you so much man! I appreciate your kind words! I play a lot in handheld mode, and I completely agree that I feel left out whenever I should be using motion controls. It’s not like Nintendo to make it inconvenient for a particular play style, especially one that’s so important to the Switch. Overall, it’s not a big deal, but I thought it was important to mention.

      And yes! The wooded area music!! At first, I didn’t like it when I first heard it during E3 Treehouse Live, but I’ve grown to love it over time. It’s such an odd choice since it sounds more like a retro surf song, yet it fits so well! The music overall was great, though the tracks I used were some of my favorites.


      1. It’s an interesting juxtaposition. The Wooded Kingdom is already fascinating for combining gardening robots and steam gardens. The addition of surf music only adds to the crazy combo.

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  6. I’ve just jumped in… After some years, I wanted to return and play Mario Kart (Love the saga), a new Mario in the vein of 64, Zelda… First impressions with Mario have been good and it’s getting as I progress.

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    1. Awesome! Glad you’re having a good time so far! How far are you? Also, sorry if I’ve asked already, but have we added each other on Switch? I’d love to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe together sometime if you have it! 😀


      1. At the beginning, just finished the desert world. But I think I’m starting over again, I forgot to use Photo Mode in those first levels… And no, we haven’t added each other on Switch. Actually, I still haven’t added anyone, I’ve just bought it. Of course, it would be a pleasure to play Mario Kart, I will send you Friend Code via DM in Twitter. Thanks!

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      2. Ahh that’s awesome! And great choice picking up Super Mario Odyssey to commemorate your purchase! I look forward to adding you soon! I’ll DM you my Friend Code soon, too! 😀 Let me know when you want to play!

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  7. I definitely thought it was an incredible game as well. It really has a bunch of content and grabbing all of the Power Moons will be fun. I’m close to 400 now, but I didn’t realize that the shop had an infinite amount of stars so I wasted a bunch of money buying around 50 of them. I’m not going to buy anymore now until I have all of the costumes. Earning coins isn’t too hard at least so that helps. I’m hoping to get most of it done by Tuesday since then Sonic Forces is going to take over. If not, I’ll still be getting more Moons here and there

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    1. Trying to 100% Super Mario Odyssey has been one of my favorite gaming experiences this year! I love going into a world and exhausting its Power Moon supply. I’m trying not to buy the extra Moons from the shops until I get all the other ones, just so I don’t confuse my count. But I’ll probably end up getting a lot of them for completion. I still want those costumes too! Dressing up Mario is so much fun haha.

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  8. Odyssey rekindled the desire to play a collect-a-thon again in the same vein as BK and SM64 where other games failed, including Banjo-Tooie, which I personally thought was awful. The “keeping you in the same level when you get a Power Moon” is terrific and does away with the need for a hub world – being on a ship papers over this fact nicely. Over all, it gives me a feeling while playing it that no other Mario game has since I was a young kid playing SM64!

    “every area is densely packed with Moons – to the point where you could potentially find multiple within minutes”

    This is my absolute favorite part – you’re so bombarded with options that you can have a great time in 5 minutes or 2 hours!

    On the other hand, of course there’s the fact that this is going to take ages to find all the Moons, a concept of which I am still on the fence about attempting… but for now, I am still having fun and will just have to play it by ear 🙂

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    1. I love how Super Mario Odyssey lets you stay in a stage after getting a Moon, just like in Banjo-Kazooie. And I like how the worlds are much bigger just like Tooie, but at the same time, they don’t feel overwhelming. I think part of it is honestly the amount of Moons per stage. I don’t have to jump through too many hoops to get a Moon, so I keep getting rewarded and motivated to keep exploring every square inch. And it works so well for portable play, when I have just enough time to get a Moon or 10 within half an hour haha. I would have preferred if Banjo-Tooie replaces all the silly items like feathers and eggs and sun with just Jiggies. Honestly, I’m going to go for all of them, but I might come back to them later. I’m at the point where I’m searching for the last 200-300 Moons, and they aren’t as easy to find anymore. I did something similar with Breath of the Wild and came back to get the remaining 50 shrines after a few months. But I do think these last few hundred postgame moons have already given me amazing memories. There’s nothing like going into a world and exhausting it’s Power Moon supply haha!

      I completely agree that Super a Mario Odyssey gives me that magical, nostalgic feeling! I haven’t really felt that way since Super Mario Galaxy, which was amazing for different reasons!

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      1. Well said! The motivation is always there, but then again I have much less moons than you, it sounds like! I just hit 300 myself. They’re still quite abundant, but as soon as they become sparse (or non-existent on the map), it can get demoralizing making repeated trips back to Mr. Parrot as opposed to just flying to the next world and starting the trek all over again!

        Ya know, I forgot about Breath of the Wild shrines. That was my original goal after all – finding all the shrines. When I tire of moon chasing, I might need to go back and find all of them!

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      2. Yeah, it gets tricky once you’re down to your last few Moons in a world. A small annoyance for me is that some Moons can’t be obtained within the world, but it’s not easy to tell that unless you talk to Talkatoo. But I have to say, the sense of exploration is done well. Between Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, we have two huge worlds we can go between! We can take a break from collecting Moons and find Koroks and vice versa haha!

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  9. Such a good game. So much fun with so much to offer. I haven’t played BOTW yet, but if it’s similar to this, I’ll probably love that, too. I like the sandbox/non-linear game play quite a bit and the fact that each kingdom is so versatile and different.

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    1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game! BotW feels similar, in that it has a lot to do and explore. It’s on a much bigger scale too. Or rather a GIGANTIC scale. I still haven’t done every single thing you can do in BotW whereas I’m well on my way in Mario Odyssey. Because of that, I think I like how Mario’s smaller sandboxes feel. Still both excellent games though!

      I agree about the kingdoms! Each area is unique not just from each other, but also from most Mario games. Much more creative than the blander New Super Mario Bros. series, that’s for sure! How far are you?

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      1. I like how it’s divided into kingdoms. That makes it easier (at least for me) to not get lost. I Just went to the Lake Kingdom, but I may need to google how the heck to get up to the main boss fight. I do think it’s funny that Bowser’s henchmen are rabbits lol. I guess they’re borrowing a bit from “Rabbids” without being explicit about it. I’ll definitely need to go back to the prior kingdoms if I want to complete every in the game. So far I’ve been grabbing all of the PMs I can find pretty easily, but I’m going to have to look up some of them because they’re really well hidden.

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      2. Oh yeah, splitting it into kingdoms works very well for 3D Mario. Makes each stage feel like its own super detailed diorama. Or like you’ve entered a colorful snow globe.

        I like the Lake Kingdom! I find it very relaxing, and I enjoy swimming as a Cheep Cheep. There’s actually a good reason why Bowser’s henchmen are rabbits! But I think you’d appreciate the reasoning more when you get further in the game. 😉 I still have quite a few Power Moons to go and will probably end up looking up that last set. But through my initial playthrough, I liked simply going wherever within a kingdom and finding random Moons. It’s exactly what I’ve been craving from a modern 3D platformer!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words as always! I hope you enjoy it if you get the chance to play it. I’m still working on the postgame after over 40 hours, which should say something about how much content is in the game!

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      1. Ahh! I’m so excited for you!! 😀 I hope you have an amazing time with your Switch and Super Mario Odyssey!

        I’d love to add you as a friend on Switch too! 😀 What’s your Friend Code? Mine is: SW-3611-4684-6706

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      2. Thanks, I’m excited too!! I haven’t tried Super Mario Odyssey yet, but I have played some of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It’s really fun!

        Cool, I just sent you a friend request! 🙂 My code is SW-2352-1591-7140 if for some reason you need to type mine in. I just noticed that you are on my suggested friends list since we are friends on Pocket Camp haha! I’m still learning 😉

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      3. Yay! I’ll add you back today! I’d love to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with you sometime! Nintendo’s profiles are somewhat connected now so we can friend each other if we were ever friends on mobile or 3DS, which is pretty neat. 🙂

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