The Mooseman (Switch) Review

Mythical Moose

Folklore is important to many cultures, encompassing the people’s stories, beliefs, and traditions. Over time, people have shared these tales and teachings through word of mouth, books, and movies. Video games, too, have the potential to share one’s culture. And that’s precisely what the developers at Morteshka do with The Mooseman, a puzzle adventure based on ancient Russian myths.

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Shape of the World (Switch) Review

Our Changing World

The first person exploration game Shape of the World begins in a bright white realm, nearly devoid of anything. In the distance is a red outline of an incomplete triangle a singular image beckoning the player. Upon walking through the triangular shape, nature suddenly begins to materialize: trees pop up from the ground and giant boulders appear from behind. The world receives a splash of color, and unfamiliar creatures populate the new environment. So begins the journey.


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North (Switch) Review

Gone South

Warning: Bizarre Imagery Ahead

After playing and completing the game North within the span of an hour, I can safely say that I have no idea what I witnessed. And that’s actually the point of this light adventure/walking simulator that puts you in control of a refugee in a strange land. The game opens with a letter explaining the protagonist’s situation to his sister. After escaping the presumably horrible South, he has arrived in a city in the North, which is portrayed as a dark, dystopian landscape.

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