Sonic Mania (Switch) Review

A New Genesis

Sonic is truly the little hedgehog that could. As the most popular Sega mascot, he went head-to-head against Nintendo’s Mario for years, combatting the mustachioed plumber’s powered-up platforming with speed and style. After a handful of classic 2D Genesis platformers and divisive 3D titles, Sonic couldn’t keep up. Sega began giving the blue blur more side characters and gimmicky gameplay styles but ultimately gave fans less of what they wanted. The infamous Sonic loop was in place and would remain until Christian Whitehead came along. Whitehead, a passionate fan who developed his own engine to mod and later port Sonic games, helmed the development of a new celebratory Sonic game—by fans for fans. With the help of PagodaWest Games and Headcannon, known throughout the fan community, Sonic Mania has zoomed into existence – and it plays like a dream.


Here’s the Video Version for your viewing pleasure! With some added fun callbacks!
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