Weekly Panda Roundup – Snipperclips Finale & Why I Love Anime Conventions

Welcome to another Weekly Panda Roundup! How was your weekend? Ours was busy, but fun! Crystal Dragon and I spent another weekend out of town for an anime convention! After many weeks of teasing a post about why we go to cons, I’m happy to finally share the reason below. We also have some videos to share, including the Grand Finale of our Snipperclips playthrough! We have a special thank you message for everyone who’s supported us in this series, and some news for the future of our channel.

So without further ado, let’s round ‘em up!

What’s Next for Pandas at Play – Special Announcements & Thanks

Our YouTube Channel, Pandas at Play, will be going through some changes, but we’re still going to strive to bring you quality Nintendo focused videos with our fun, quirky selves! With our Snipperclips playthrough reaching its finale this week, we wanted to share some words of gratitude and announcements for what’s to come.

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Weekly Panda Roundup – ARMS, SNES Classic, & amiibo Podcast

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! If you’re celebrating any summer holidays like the 4th of July or Canada Day, hope you’re having a wonderful time! We had a vacation last week during a big time of transition, so this weekly roundup will cover the last couple of weeks, which brought us a brand new Nintendo IP, the revelation of the awaited SNES Classic, and a surprise podcast appearance where I talk about the joys of those lovely figurines, amiibo!

So without further ado, let’s round ‘em up!

Pandas at Play Video Announcements

Our YouTube channel is continuing to grow, and we owe it all to our wonderful subscribers and viewers. We will be making some changes and updates to our schedule following our new transitions. But we think they’ll be for the better!

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Weekly Panda Roundup – 100 YouTube Subs Celebration!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We had quite a fun, busy weekend at a large anime convention! I have some pictures to share, and have already shared some on my Twitter @MrPanda2002. But I’ll go more in-depth into those conventions we love to attend in upcoming roundups. For now, my wife and I have a special milestone to celebrate!

So without further ado, let’s round ‘em up!

Thank You 100 Subs! V3.png
A huge THANK YOU from our plushies and us!

100 Subscriptions Celebration! THANK YOU!

We have exciting news about our YouTube Channel! We recently hit 100 subscribers, which we were certainly not expecting so soon! This is super crazy for us, and we’re so floored to reach this milestone! We’re incredibly thankful for all of you who have watched, subscribed, liked, shared, and commented on our videos! I still can’t believe how wonderful and kind you all have been through our journey. We hope you know how huge every one of your contributions have been. Your love and support go such a long way, and we can’t thank you enough for your kind words and encouragement!

Upon reaching this milestone, we now have our own personal URL – https://www.youtube.com/mrpanda2002 – I nearly had to hold back tears upon seeing the custom link to our channel. This means so much to me, and I’m grateful to have an identifiable URL that is distinctly ours in the vast land of YouTube.

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Weekly Panda Roundup – I Am Setsuna, Snake Pass, and Mario at Target & McDonald’s

Hi everyone and Happy May Day! Welcome to another edition of Weekly Panda Roundup! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I had a fun one filled with games and random game-related excursions. I have some fun videos and news to share this week, so read and enjoy!

And without further ado, it’s time to round ‘em up!

Panda Logo

Video Roundup

We can’t stress enough how grateful we are for your support for our YouTube channel!

I value every comment you all leave. And this week, I wanted to shout out two special people who have made me smile this week! A huge thank you to kmerrill8276 for leaving such encouraging comments on every one of our videos! Your comment of how enjoyable our playthroughs on our last Snipperclips video meant so much to me and really made my day in ways you probably can’t even imagine!

And another special shout-out to LightningEllen, who not only has left such kind and wonderful comments, but also went out of her way to make her very first YouTube comments on our videos! Gosh, I don’t know if you realize how much that means to me, but thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Seriously, thank you all! It warms our hearts every time you share our videos and leave such awesome comments!

I Am Setsuna Video Review

I have not one, not two, but three videos to share this week! First, I uploaded my second ever video review, following my first one of Breath of the Wild. This time, I looked at the Switch version of Square Enix’s I Am Setsuna, an RPG throwback to ‘90s classics like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. Square Enix established the company Tokyo RPG Factory to make nostalgic adventures like this one, but how is it? Find out in my video review, and please let me know what you think!












Snake Pass Co-Op – Playing with Separate Joy-Cons

We’re very excited to share the second part of our special playthrough of Snake Pass for Switch. We’re playing through the entire game, each holding a separate Joy-Con for a unique co-op experience. Crystal Dragon is in charge of steering and coiling the snake, and I help it move forward and upward. Attempting to coordinate our controls made us laugh so hard, despite all the frustrating deaths. In fact, this episode features a death montage as we attempt to get a particularly tough collectible. This is worth watching just to see our ridiculously silly faces, because yes, we now have a facecam! This was a very fun experiment that we want to continue, so please enjoy! And let us know if you’d like to see a 100% playthrough (at the cost of our sanity)!









You can find the full playlist starting with the first episode here – http://bit.ly/2pezKUq

Snipperclips Co-Op Part 5 – Bad Hair Day

Part 5 our co-op playthrough of Snipperclips is up! We hope you’ll enjoy as we continue snipping and clipping through the 8-bit world, Retro Reboot. In this episode, we do normal people things like freeing caged birds, replacing racecar tires, and controlling a princess with a joystick, assuming her troublesome hair allows it! As always, you can start with this video or from the first episode here.






You can find the full playlist starting at Part 1 – Stabby Sticks here: http://bit.ly/2nFmc5v

What I’ve Been Playing

As a lead-in to talking about recent Mario promotions around town, I wanted to share that I am indeed playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! You’ll see more about that soon, but I wanted to extend an invitation to play together! My Nintendo Switch friend code is SW-3611-4684-6706. Please feel free to add me and we can race or try out the improved Battle Mode together online! We can also play other games online if you wish! 🙂

Add me on the Switch!

Mario Kart at Target

Something special happened to me on my grocery shopping trip to Target last week. What began as an errand to get food became a real Mario adventure.  I had known that this promotion was happening, but entering Target surprised me nonetheless.



That entrance was epic. I also took pictures of my special Peach-themed Kart and the Mario and Luigi heads right outside the store.

















Mario at McDonald’s

My journey didn’t stop at Target, as even McDonald’s had a piece of Mario to share. Their new Happy Meal toys are Mario-themed, and I just had to check them out. My first Happy Meal, which I unashamedly bought, had the toy I most desired: Luigi stuck in a pipe!

Luigi: Help me… Marioooooooo!

We eventually made a return trip to McDonald’s after a tip from the wonderful ladies at DoubleJump that we can just buy the toys without the meal. We, again without shame, asked specifically to purchase Mario and Yoshi and were surprised to find some extras!

This really did make me Happy!

Mario Marketing

Needless to say, I’m always happy to see Nintendo make a big presence through cross-promotional materials and advertisement. I’m somewhat used to Happy Meal and Kid’s Meal toys after collecting Mario/Pokemon toys as a child (and later an adult), so McDonald’s promotion was bound to happen. But what Nintendo did at Target stores is beyond cool. It made me extremely happy just to go grocery shopping, and I can only imagine how kids must have felt going into the store and being greeted by Mario

I hope Nintendo continues to promote its characters in unlikely venues like Target. Their properties are some of the companies’ greatest strengths, and reaching out more to kids who go to these establishments with their parents is a smart move. Everything about the Target promotion leads people towards MK8 Deluxe in the electronics section, which is effective marketing.


In fact, I find Nintendo’s marketing in general to have improved with the Switch launch. They’ve produced relevant and exciting trailers for their newest system. The Switch itself is easy to understand, unlike the Wii U, but I have to admit that I’ve seen more Switch advertisements on TV and movie theaters than I ever did for the Wii U. Perhaps that can be attributed to the company’s recent success with both the system and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe selling extremely well. For a simple but great upgrade to a 2014 kart-racer to be the fastest-selling Mario Kart in history says something about how Nintendo is doing lately.

On a final note, I’m glad Nintendo went with Target to promote Mario as opposed to another certain store which shall not be named…

Next Time…!

Thank you so much for reading this issue of Weekly Panda Roundup! On Thursday, I’ll be posting something special for one of my newest acquisitions! Although this particular round-up was going to be about the anime and comic conventions I went to, I ended up changing the subject for some special Mario-related news. But don’t worry, I will be posting more about conventions soon after I attend a particularly big one in a few weeks. So until then, see you next time!

How was your weekend? What games are you playing? Have you been able to check out some of Nintendo’s latest Mario promotions? Let me know what you think of our videos and share your thoughts in the comments section below! Thank you for reading! Have a great week!

Weekly Panda Roundup – Snake Pass and Zelda Escape Game – Defenders of the Triforce

Hi everyone! Welcome to the second edition of Weekly Panda Roundup! Happy Belated Easter! My wife and I had a jampacked weekend with family and friends, including our first road trip with the Switch and a very special experience. We got to participate in Defenders of the Triforce, the premiere “Real Escape Game” based on The Legend of Zelda. I have some spoiler-free impressions about the event.

Let’s start with this week’s uploaded videos, starting with a very special video that where we experience co-op in a unique way! Without further ado, let’s round ‘em up!

Panda Logo

Video Roundup

Thank you so much for all of your support for our channel! We’re incredibly grateful that you’ve enjoyed our videos so far, and we hope to continue providing quality content to you! If you haven’t seen our channel yet, please check it out for fun, silly, and informative Nintendo content! The channel link is here! http://bit.ly/2nvJ2Lu

And if you’d like to subscribe after watching our videos, please click here! http://bit.ly/2oaYX1r

Snake Pass – 2 Players with Separated Joy-Cons

Our first video is very special! We played Snake Pass for Switch together, each holding a separate Joy-Con for a unique co-op experience. Crystal Dragon was in charge of steering the snake, and I pushed its gas pedal. Attempting to coordinate our controls made us laugh so hard, despite all the frustrating deaths. This is worth watching just to see our ridiculously silly faces, because yes, we now have a facecam! It’s definitely odd for us to see our faces on the YouTubes, and we hope it looks good! This was a very fun experiment that we want to continue, so please enjoy!

Currently, my plan is to upload them on Saturdays, but I may move it to an earlier day of the week, so be on the lookout. Either way, the playlist can be found here – http://bit.ly/2pezKUq

Pandas at Play – Snipperclips

Part 3 of our playthrough of Snipperclips is up! If you haven’t watched the first episode, you can start with this one or catch the first part here. In one of our oddest episodes yet, we destroy tons of Easter eggs, contemplate bird parenthood, and give birth to the Owl Rangers! GO GO OWL RANGERS!

You can find the full playlist starting at Part 1 – Stabby Sticks here: http://bit.ly/2nFmc5v

Defenders of the Triforce Logo.jpg

Defenders of the Triforce – Zelda Escape Game Impressions

Note: There are no spoilers for any clues or solutions. These are impressions of the event itself.

This past weekend, my wife, some of our very close friends, and I participated in Scrap Entertainment’s Real Escape Game based on Zelda – Defenders of the Triforce (http://scrapzelda.com/). It was our first time being in an escape game, although we’d always wanted to try one ever since playing through the excellent Zero Escape trilogy. If you’ve ever played an escape room, the concept is very similar. Instead of being locked in a room, you and your team of six sit at a table in a large banquet hall.

Defenders of the Triforce - Room

The premise is that you have one hour (which Zelda informs you in a humorous video) to retrieve the Master Sword to defeat Ganon. And what an hour of puzzles it is! Though you start out solving brain teasers together at the table, the game requires you to physically explore the hall to reach locations based on Ocarina of Time – for instance, Zora’s Domain and Kokiri Forest. In each station, cosplaying actors guide you inside the areas, provided you have access. As you get more clues, props, and additional puzzles, you are tasked with putting all the pieces together in mind-benders that test all kinds of intelligence, including thinking outside the box.

Our group was one of the 13 out of 32 that successfully obtained the Master Sword! It didn’t come easy, but I was so proud of our team’s excellent camaraderie as we moved from puzzle to puzzle. This escape game values teamwork and the different strengths each member may have. It’s a thrill traveling with your team and making huge revelations that others may have missed.

Defenders of the Triforce - Panda Victory

After the hour was up, the emcee went over the answers with the group, resulting in laughter and sighs. Afterwards, we took photobooth pictures with fun Zelda props. Finally, we all got to play in a special Switch lounge, where we could try out Breath of the Wild, Snipperclips, and 1-2 Switch. Of course, I tried out 1-2 Switch, playing the notorious milking game and “copy dance,” which actually ended up being fun, especially in an energetic setting.

Defenders of the Triforce - Switch Event

Overall, I had a blast in the Defenders of the Triforce. It was one of the most unique and fun experiences that I was so thankful to have finally had. I had qualms going in, thinking that it wouldn’t be as good as a traditional escape room and that having 31 other teams would be distracting. The game does an excellent job putting clues all over the place, preventing it from being a strict paper-and-pencil ordeal. And even though the tables are bunched up next to each other, we were so focused on our own puzzles that we did not overhear other teams (and vice versa). The cosplay actors and props were pretty good, and the OoT domains looked decent with colored curtains surrounding them. However, I wish there was more of an effort to pretty up the banquet hall. The setting literally consisted of round tables in a warehouse-looking joint.

Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to do this game again, but I’d love to try other Real Escape Games. They advertised ones based on Final Fantasy XIV and Attack on Titan, and I’d jump on any of those opportunities. Currently, the Defenders of the Triforce game is reaching its end. Chances are, you either went or didn’t at this point. That said, I hope that if they do a second round of cities, that anyone who wants to try it out gets the chance. It’s an awesome experience to share with friends – and they don’t even have to like Zelda to solve the puzzles or enjoy themselves! I highly recommend the Defenders of the Triforce and eagerly anticipate anything else Scrap Entertainment puts out!

Defenders of the Triforce - Pandas

Next Time…!

Thank you so much for reading this issue Weekly Panda Roundup! On Thursday, I’ll hopefully be posting a special video that our subscribers will appreciate! Thanks again for your support! See you next time!

How was your weekend? Did you have a great Easter if you celebrated it? What did you think of the videos? Have you ever done the Zelda Escape Game or any other kind of “Escape Room” experience, and what did you think? What kind of themed escape games would you like to try? Let me know in the comments section below! Have a great week!