My Friend Pedro (Switch) Review

Blood. Bullets. Bananas

Some games focus on either style or substance. Devolver Digital and Deadtoast Entertainment’s My Friend Pedro exudes both in a riveting display of blood, bullets, and bananas. Despite being a 2D platformer, the game is packed with cinematic action, thanks to slow-motion effects and an agile, masked gunman. It’s basically The Matrix meets Deadpool, except the protagonist remains silent while his friend Pedro, a sentient banana, makes all the wisecracks. The potassium-rich accomplice also orders our hero to take out everyone in his path, which, aside from some twists, comprises the strange story.

Here’s my Video Review for your viewing pleasure!

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Downwell Review

Get Down

Downwell takes the shoot-‘em-up genre and turns it around, quite literally. Instead of traveling upwards, the plain white pixelated protagonist makes his way down a well filled with perilous creatures and hazards. The objective of Downwell is to descend twelve randomly generated vertical sections. This task isn’t as easy as it seems. Your character cannot climb back up, so aside from a limited jump ability, you are mostly falling and landing on platforms. There are many enemies lurking in the cramped vertical space, ready to eat at your health.

Down the rabbit hole we go!

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