Cursed Castilla EX Review

Fantasmas y Trasgos

As a 2D action platformer that features a sword-throwing knight and horror-themed enemies, Cursed Castilla EX takes clear inspiration from Capcom’s old-school arcade game Ghosts ‘n Goblins. Despite the obvious similarities, the sole developer “Locomalito” has refined Capcom’s punishing classic into an experience that is both contemporary and forgiving. Instead of playing as Sir Arthur, you control Don Ramiro, who sets out to rid evil from the lands of Castile, a world inspired by the 16th century Spanish novel, Amadis of Gaul. Although Cursed Castilla has previously launched as a freeware title, this EX version adds two extra levels along with bonus weapons, enemies, and bosses. The added cost is well worth it for any gamers who grew up with arcade cabinets.

Don Ramiro and a human-faced chicken chasing him…?

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